The Efficacy of Our Products

Protek features a complete line of professional product formulations, dispensing equipment, and application programs tailored to the washing process in both commercial and on-premise laundries. Delivering exceptional laundry results on a large scale.

Liquid Range

  • Action – Liquid detergent cum emulsifier for laundry wash load

  • PEM – Heavy duty emulsifier for F&B laundry wash load.

  • Spa Emulsifier – Specially developed to remove tough oily stains, essential oils from cotton and mixed polyester fabrics

  • Pro-Emulsifier – Highly concentrated spotter and grease remover particularly effective on oil, grease, blood, food and urine stains.

  • Avenger L – Liquid alkaline detergent and builder to remove fats and soil.

  • Search L – Active alkaline detergent with selected surfactants for easy removal of stains on garments

  • Sentry L (BC) – Liquid acidic souring agent for final rinse in laundry wash load

  • Ozonia L (BC) – Colorless liquid catalyzed oxygen bleach for delicate whites and fast color.

  • Soflex F – Fragrance liquid fabric softener and conditioner for all material types.

  • Softi-N – Concentrated liquid softener that retains fragrance after application at high temperatures.

*Biodegradable product range available on request

Powder Range & Ancillary Products

  • Launtex / Launtex Ecogreen – 100% active, economical general purpose laundry detergent for washing guest laundry and colored materials with mild or moderate soiling.

  • Tops F – General purpose non-caustic and safe economical laundry detergent.

  • Perfect – Non-harsh enzymatic laundry detergent to remove stubborn organic stains

  • Powac – Heavy duty detergent formulated to remove highly soiled garments such as uniforms, jeans and cooks’ jackets

  • Ozonia – Oxygen-release bleach for both colored and white linen.

  • Booster 20 – Specially formulated heavy-duty detergent for removal of stubborn organic stains such as blood, urine, milk and food stains.

  • Safeway (Liquid/Powder) – Safe alkaline organic chlorine bleach designed to minimise wear and loss of tensile strength.

  • Pass – Dry non-phosphate organic chlorine product. Excellent for removal of stains

  • Anti Klor – Acidic crystal for removing traces of chlorine in laundry wash load.

  • Touch – Instantly soluble, non-streaking pre-cooked starch.

  • Ferri-Go – Liquid rust removing compound.

  • C2 Clean – Alkaline liquid for easy removal of stains on collar and cuff

  • Plus 2 – Premium grade alkaline laundry detergent with optical brightener that enhances whiteness and brighten colors

  • Protek De Ruster – Powdered rust remover eliminating yellow stains caused by the presence of rust.

  • DRR – Liquid acidic rust remover eliminating yellow stains caused by the presence of rust

*Biodegradable product range available on request

Laundry Products Lineup