The Efficacy of Our Products

For cleaning requirements of this degree, Protek has all your answers. We have specially formulated an innovative range of cleaning products to cater for the food and beverage service market.

Kitchen Care

  • Clean It – Concentrated liquid detergent ideal for economical dishwashing machines. Specially formulated to control the buildup of hard water scale and stains. Dispensed via Protek’s dispenser equipment.

  • Dri It – A concentrated surfactant base liquid that eliminates water spotting and promotes rapid drying of cutleries and crockeries without streaking. The rinse additive is automatically fed using Protek’s dispenser equipment.

  • Process – Mildly acidic descaler for fast removal of hard water scale from dishwashing machine. Can be used in CIP cleaning operations.

  • Gentle – Bactericidal handsoap. Kind to hands but hard on germs. Rinses off easily.

  • Lemon Fresh – Neutral multi purpose cleaner. Soft on hands, ideal for manual washing of dishware, etc.

  • Sparkle – Neutral general purpose cleaner. Ideal for cleaning dishware, floors, walls, etc.

  • Ultra Clean S – Multi purpose cleaner with sanitizer. Safe to use on all surfaces

  • Miracle Wipe Surface cleaner with sanitizer. Effectively removes oils and stains.

  • Proquat – QAC disinfectant, sanitizer and deodoriser. Suitable for all surfaces including foot bath

  • Alcoquat – Alcohol based sanitizer that can be used on hands and on surfaces as well.

  • Alcoquat EF – Non-alcohol based sanitizer. ‘Alcoquat EF’ is ‘HALAL’ certified.

  • GP Clean – General purpose cleaner designed to remove oils, grease and a variety of stains on most surfaces. Ideal for floor and wall cleaning.

  • Proven – Heavy duty degreaser and cleaner for oil and carbon removal in ovens and baking pans. Not applicable to aluminium surfaces

*Biodegradable product range available on request

Powder, Liquid Range & Ancillary Products

  • Gleam – Oxygen bleach for soaking stained or decolourised melamine and plastic wares whilst being safe on hands and on wares

  • Perform – Manual detergent for washing of pots and pans

  • Solar – Sanitizer and destainer. Solar is able to perform a multitude of functions such as removing stains from coffee & tea cups, chopping boards, sanitizing kitchen wiping cloths and many more.

  • Wash – Up A thick viscous, neutral liquid detergent for use in both institutional and food industries for multi-purpose cleaning

  • Vanish – Liquid silver and brass detarnisher. Able to remove tarnish from all silverware and EPNS cutleries

  • Peneol – Liquid phenolic pine disinfectant for toilets, drains and garbage

  • Speed – Safe cleaner compatible with all types of cleaning equipment particularly effective on greasy kitchen floors and other stained surfaces.

  • Liquid Biofree – Enzymic organic waste eater. Degrades waste and prevents blockage in pipes

  • Combi Wash – Concentrated mechanical combi oven wash detergent. Excellent soil removal properties and stain control without the use of chlorine

  • Combi Rinse – Concentrated rinse additive. Fast drying with powerful bactericide

  • Kleanall-EX – All-purpose cleaner and sanitizing liquid. Effective detergent and solvent action against a wide variety of soils.

  • Bio Veg-K – Concentrated vegetable sanitizing solution. For cleaning and washing of vegetables and waxy fruits

  • Sani FP – Stabilised chlorine to sanitize and kill bacteria. For cleaning and washing of vegetables, fruits, fish and poultry

  • Gel Pine – Gel type phenolic pine disinfectant for floors, drains, toilets and garbage areas

*Biodegradable product range available on request

Kitchen & Warewashing Products Lineup