The Efficacy of Our Products

Protek offers an extensive range of high-quality cleaning products designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of housekeeping tasks. Our products are suitable for various surface finishes, including fabric, carpet, polished wood, glass, ceramic tiles, marble, and more.

Housekeeping Products

  • Air Freshener – Applicable for use as a liquid air freshener using mist bottles.

  • Caress – Body and hand soap developed for use in sports changing room and shower areas.

  • Gentle – Bactericidal hand soap. Kind to hands but hard on germs. Rinses off easily.

  • Miracle Wipe – Surface cleaner with sanitizer. Effectively removes oils and stains.

  • Vision – Fast-acting glass and window cleaner. Non-streaking and fast drying. Completely biodegradable and phosphate free.

  • Furniture Care – Protective coat and lustre for furniture. Gives a good protective coat enhancing water repellent. Safe to use on a wide variety of materials such as plastic, rubber, metals, wood, leather

  • SP 1 – Stainless Steel Polish. Removes light rust and soil as well as restores sheen to metal surfaces.

  • Silky Green – Perfumed multi-purpose detergent for cleaning basins, long baths and vanity tops.

  • Bowl Cide – Powerful triple action formulation destroys most organisms, eliminates odors and restores sparkling cleanliness.

  • Eco Bowl Cleaner – Specially formulated eco-friendly toilet bowl cleaner.

*Biodegradable product range available on request

Floor Care & Ancillary Products

  • Bio Sani Fresh – Perfumed disinfectant cleaner and degreaser for tough stains and marks on floors. Ideal for washing areas which have an offensive odor.

  • Hi-Light 4 – Liquid floor polish. Improves the appearance and longevity of floor finishes.

  • Hi-Strip – Non-toxic, non-flammable stripper incorporating special wetting agents and hydroxy

  • Promarble – A specially formulated marble floor polishing compound.

  • Extract – Non-foaming carpet shampoo designed to be used with shampoo vacuum carpet cleaning machines. Contains inbuilt corrosion inhibitor

  • Lather – Heavy duty carpet cleaner. ‘Dry foam’ formula ensures removal of embedded soil and normal traffic stains whilst minimising wetting of fabric and carpet

  • Care – Special blend of non-ionic cleaning detergent which effectively cleans most surfaces without dulling a gloss or shine.

  • Peneol – Industrial strength pine disinfectant. Safe to use of all surfaces. Cleans, deodorizes and disinfects all in one step

  • Zulu – A soft abrasive cleaner, effective for cleaning stubborn stains and oily soil around swimming pools and bath-tub areas. Can also be used to combat grouting and problem areas within kitchens.

*Biodegradable product range available on request

Housekeeping Products Lineup