Protek Chemicals & Engineering Pte Ltd is an MS ISO 9001:2005-certified company. For over 35 years, we have been delivering global hygiene solutions with a local focus, providing end-to-end cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solutions in Singapore and Indonesia across various industries. The industries we service include commercial laundries, hospitality, restaurants, clubs, caterers, F&B processing, healthcare and eldercare.

A new and fully automated production facility was built in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2015. Our automated liquid and powder chemical filling system, with digital monitoring and control, ensures quality assurance.

With Indonesia as our production axis, and Singapore as the service and R&D hub, the highest quality solutions and services are delivered to our customers. Our extensive facility in Indonesia ensures we have the production capacity and flexibility, while Singapore will be our hub for the development of our innovative hygiene and sanitation solutions.

At Protek, we care for the environment and future generations by investing in technology and R&D continually, and are fully committed to producing sustainable products today. Our localised approach combined with a global outlook to share our knowledge and experience is the fundamental philosophy underpinning our win-win relationship with our customers and partners

Our Products & Services


Laundry – Kitchen & Warewashing – Housekeeping

This division services laundries, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, eldercare homes, clubs and any establishments demanding a high level of cleanliness and hygiene. Our quality products and services, and modern equipment, complement each other to reduce wastage and energy costs while delivering the desired pristine results.

F&B Processing

Beverage – Brewery – Confectionery – Canning – Meat – Dairy

Our specialist division caters for the routine yet all-important sterile and hygiene solutions for all types of manufacturing and production facilities, such as breweries, dairy plants, soft drink manufacturers, meat processors, and more. Our products enable Clean-In-Place (CIP) as well as manual cleaning and sanitizing.